Know who we are …

At Fermented Connections we are focused firstly on produce and quality. We seek out partners that are aligned to these principles and that have in place good practices to provide consistent quality and experiences. We aim to facilitate and make the wine enjoyment process convenient and the seeking of new tastes and experiences an ease. We believe in forging a strong wine community that can thrive by providing transparent substance driven pleasure.

Founded by Colin Jude Wee, he initially came from a chemical engineering background. An introduction to the world of food and wine sparked an interest that led him to seek sommelier jobs on the holidays while schooling. This cumulated in taking a job after graduation to work in a restaurant group in Melbourne as a beverage director and assistant general manager.

Moving on with more interaction with partners, friends, passionate growers and wine industry folk, this encouraged him to take the next leap to import wine and continue to tell its story to different markets. His deep passion is to share and increase the variety and quality of wines and produce in the market. Believing firstly that taste doesn’t really need to be acquired but it definitely evolves with time and that collaboration is key, We aim to work with great establishments and partners to facilitate this improvement of quality and experiences.

We work directly with small grower producers that are mainly producing mono-cepage wines (wines made of one varietal). In this we believe the true terroir (taste of the land) can be expressed in as pure a form as possible.

Regions include Burgundy, Piedmont, Germany (Riesling). However, we do have great producers from other regions and we do love new world wines too !